What is gSightSM?

gSightSM is an online customer experience survey and analytics tool – designed by leading digital strategy and solutions firm Greystone.Net and nationally recognized healthcare market research and brand consulting firm Klein & Partners.

Why is gSight Different?

Traditional satisfaction surveys often fail to provide useful information on how to improve user satisfaction. In fact, too often, questions are structured to deliver very high scores. In school, they call it "grade creep" - everybody gets an "A." Consequently, the satisfaction metric has become a poor predictor of future behavior such as loyalty and advocacy and we learn little about what really needs to improve.

Why Use gSight?

To address this strategic gap, gSight measures the user's online experience and hunts for improvement. In fact, gSight:

  • Identifies and prioritizes areas where a website needs the most improvement.
  • Shares experience metrics that provide a better understanding of the influence a website experience has on the overall brand relationship.
  • Provides actionable recommendations for website improvements.
  • Provides a clear understanding of how an organization's online experience impacts its brand.

gSight is Incredibly Easy to Use

The process includes:

  • Installing a piece of code to your website.
  • Once the code is active, it launches a Java pop-up giving your visitors the option to take a brief survey and evaluate their experience with your site.
  • The code can be loaded on multiple pages based upon key entry points to your website.
  • If the visitor opts in, gSight launches a pop-under window with the survey that users can complete after they are finish visiting the site.
  • Data is collected in a secured database.
  • Results - including benchmarks and trends - are available in writing and via an online dashboard.

What Does gSight Measure?

The 4-minute / 14 question survey collects a wide variety of feedback including:

  • Ease of functionality
  • Memorability of content
  • Areas that need improvement
  • Brand impact moments
  • Brand contact points
  • Website loyalty
  • An overall website rating on a 5-star scale

Focused on Healthcare

Because gSight is focused exclusively on hospitals and healthcare systems, clients have the ability to:

  • See how they stack up against others in the industry with comparative benchmarks
  • Compare results to a statistically derived "Leaderboard"
  • View a quadrant analysis for high priority issues
  • Benefit from the digital and marketing research expertise of Greytone.Net and Klein & Partners

Results Reporting

Client reports are provided through a self-service client dashboard portal as well as a detailed written report.

As the database grows, additional peer groups for specific categories of hospitals and healthcare systems will be added.

To learn more about gSight, check out: or call 770.407.7670.